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Music powered by Heart Song, the song we’re meant to sing. Expressing the understanding that love equals truth equals beauty, #TuckTubeMusic brings to life covers and original songs to a global audience with an appetite for inner and true beauty.

TuckTube Team



Dear Reading Eyes + Listening Ears,

I wrote a poem the other day and it goes like this:

Oh, is there a song that yearns to be heard,
By no other than the creator,
A white ball of light, suspended in darkness,
I am the ball, I am the light,
I am the darkness, suspended,
Meld as one, carved AS one,
Engraved as one.

Keep on sinking, like falling water,
Like rain, like sky,
Wide open and clear,
Ah! I Am

For a long time, I’ve introduced myself as a fine artist, orator, style lover, plant-based and sober lifestyle advocate and entrepreneur from Bangkok and living in London – who’s trying to do everything he can to keep his fine artistic practice alive.

I’m still all of those things, but right now I want to focus on the power of Song. I believe that there is an “invisible song bird” that is waiting to sing in all of us and I’m about to commit a big part of my life to “letting her out”.

You see, all that I do is powered by what I call the “Heart Song”, the song we’re meant to sing. And for the first time, I’m about to sing for you.

Please sing with me, dance with me and walk with me on this journey. I love you so much.

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Tuck Muntarbhorn