How To Be Beautiful Pt. 1 | +REFLECTIONS | TuckTube

In this two part video set, Tuck discusses how to be truly beautiful from within.

Realising that Beauty radiates from within changed the trajectory of my life. Like the Sun it nourishes your soul and makes you shine.
— Tuck Muntarbhorn

You are too beautiful for words.

Now that’s the Truth. But I must confess that it took me a while before I could look in the mirror and see a beautiful person.

Because, beautiful was never a word I would use to describe myself.

How can I be beautiful? It didn’t make sense to me. Growing up, everywhere I looked, everything I watched, everything I heard was that men aren’t beautiful: men are strong, muscular and handsome - but never beautiful.

Beautiful is for sissies, tootsies, faggots, yuck - how repulsive. How pathetic. You must be Gay to hold the concept of “being beautiful”. Well indeed I Am. Gay - yes. Faggot - yes. But repulsive - no. I’m too beautiful for words. Why? Because you are too. Too beautiful for words.

Now let’s define beauty. Right here, right now. Beauty is Nature’s Eternity. Like the sun - it never stops shining. You may turn your face away from it - say at night. But you will wake up to it, everyday.

And you know why the sun is so beautiful? Because after all this time it never says to you “you owe me”. Imagine Beauty like that - it lights up the whole sky. It’s always up and running no matter how old you are, what race you are, sexuality or gender. And there’s only one race anyway. You’ve guessed it? It’s the human race. And you’re a part of it. Whether you like it or not.

And because I’m beautiful - you are beautiful. You don’t have a choice! You just are – in the mind of the Universe or as the seed of your parents.

And so…realizing that Beauty radiates from within changed the trajectory of my life. Like the sun it nourishes your soul and makes you shine – so bright it burns my eyes.

Try it. Sit very still and hear the sun move. Yes, that’s you. Too beautiful for words.

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